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5 cutest upcycled cork creations for Christmas!

Copyright: Claudio Matsuoka
When I have an empty bottle of wine I always keep the cork! I mostly keep everything.. it’s an obsession. 😛 I have a bunch of containers on top of my piano filled with all kinds of upcyclables. Corks, poptabs, breadclips to name a few.. Even though my cork collection isn’t very big now, I was always questioning myself as to why I was saving them. I didn’t really know what to do with them until I cranked up the ole google search engine.

Here are my top 5 favorite crafty cork creations, with and without tutorials for the season to be jolly:


A beautiful wreath + instructions found here.

That’s freaking adorable! Found here + tons of other great cork creations.

A very adorable ornament, made by this Etsy seller.

Olaf? Is that you? Made by this blogger.

This sparkling ball of happiness + tutorial found here.

I’m definitely going to make Rudolph and will keep you updated 🙂 Do you have any cork creations, I’d love to see them! Leave a comment down below, I’m always looking for inspiration 🙂


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