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Tetra pak material, re-useable or destined for landfill?

I guess we all know what tetra pak is, but in short: it’s a company making packaging materials. Best known is that drink box you have in your fridge, made up from layers of paper plastic and foil.
Ever since I started recycling my garbage, tetra pak was my worst nightmare. There are no companies taking this material in (at least not in my area) and you can’t separate the layers yourself.. And yet I didn’t want to give my Jojo/Zappie drink up, so I looked for people on the internet to see if they have used this material for artistic/re-usable products

To my surprise I found lots of great handmade pieces of work I would like to share with you here.


The very famous lamp (+ instructions, score!)

These upcycled clutches, want? Heck yes! Need? Heck heck yes!

These lanterns.. say whaaaat? Absolutely stunning. 

Tetra pak pencil cases, why not?

There are so many more, but I can’t make this post a 100.000x tetra special, so sorry 😛

Have you seen a tetra pak creation that is a must see or even a ‘must make’ leave them in the comments below! I promise by the end of the week I’ll put up a tutorial on how to fold an origami fish from tetra pak, follow me so you wont miss it 🙂 It’s really cute!


One thought on “Tetra pak material, re-useable or destined for landfill?

  1. Locally these are “punched” into plates. They work well and are much more rigid than standard paper plates and the foil makes them waterproof – so no soggy plates. Guess you could wash and use again a few times. Also make great gift boxes once decorated.

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